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Carl T. Bongiorno - 1962

Carl T. Bongiorno - Born in Italy in the region of Sicily near Palermo, on September 6 1900

History of:
Carl T. Bongiorno

  • Photo taken at my Grandfathers house on Pulaski Road, East Northport, NY
  • My Grandfather on my Father's side.
  • Born in Italy in the region of Sicily near Palermo, on September 6 1900, deceased June 1987 of Italian decent. Occupation was Restaurant Owner, Builder and Barber.

Arrived on: August 01, 1923 on the vessel " Conte Verde "

The Conte Verde vessel was how my grandfather came to america.

My Grandfather's Voyage.:

Ship Facts:
Built by William Beardmore & Company Limited, Glasgow, Scotland, 1923. 18,765 gross tons; 559 (bp) feet long; 74 feet wide. Steam turbine engines, twin screw. Service speed 18.5 knots. 2,400 passengers (230 first class, 290 second class, 1,880 third class).

Built for Lloyd Sabaudo, Italian flag, in 1923 and named Conte Verde. Genoa-New York service. Later used on Genoa-Buenos Aires service. Sunk 1944 in American air raid; wreck raised 1949; scrapped in 1951.

Manifest for Conte Verde Sailing from Napoli, Italy
My grandfathers original ship manifest.

  • Associated Passenger: Bongiorno, Carlo
  • Ethnicity: Italian, Ital, South
  • Place of Residence: Palermo, Italy
  • Date of Arrival: August 01, 1923
  • Age: 23y
  • Gender: M
  • Married: U
  • Ship of Travel: Conte Verde
  • Port of Departure: Naples, Campania, Italy
Many manifests extend over 2 pages. The first page shows the passenger's name. The second page shows other information and does not have the passenger's name.

Ellis Island in the earl 1900s .

My grandfathers ship came to Ellis Island.

                       Me and my kids at Ellis Island, 2002

September, 2002: Ellis Island, New York

    Statue of Liberty , September, 2002
September, 2002: Statue of Liberty, New York